Sunday, 13 November 2011

Convention Schedule 2012

I'll be working all the shows listed above in 2012. I'll be updating this blog post as more are confirmed. If you are interested in getting tattooed by me at a convention, please send an email to with the following info :

1.) The convention you'd like to get tattooed at. If you have a preference, please state which day of the show you'd like to be booked for.

2.) A brief description of what you would like to get. Subject matter/colour or black & grey etc.

3.) Where you'd like the tattoo to go - Unfortunately I will not be tattooing rib, stomach or chest areas. I wont be bringing a bench with me and for the sake of your tattoo, I would rather work on these areas in a shop environment.

4.) How big you'd like the tattoo to be.

5.) Anything else you think I might like to know. FACTS ARE FUN.

As well as hawking out my tat zappin' wares, I'll also have t shirts/prints/stickers and original artwork on sale. Possibly even some Danny Peanut music/merchandise for those of a noisy persuasion.

So yes, all inquiries to

See you spoon x

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


New thing.

Every now and then I will be coming into tattoo on what is usually my day off - Friday. By appointment.

What I'll be doing specifically on these days is doing some super full-on bonkers freehand tattoos for the price of the shops minimum charge - 50 beans. Crazy right? But here's the catch - you don't really know what you're gonna get until the drawing part is done. It might be a space beaver! Or a dribbling hobo! Or a peanut on fire! Or even just a big wonky skull. EXCITING HUH!!!??!

I'll only be booking a couple of these a day, so we'll be able to take time with both the drawing and tattooing.

So, if you like the kind of thing that I do and would like to get yourself a tattoo worth £££'s for next to nothing then get in touch with the shop HERE to find out when the next Freehand Friday is being booked for.

Bye peeps!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Update of the not so up-to-date.

Hello everyone out there on the world wide web! Hopefully none of you have been wrapped up and eaten by the world wide SPIDER. Who is in charge of the web. Obviously.

Anyways, it's been a while (AGAIN), so I thought I'd do a lil update.

Here's a thing I made a while back that I really enjoyed doing. Cut paper collage. Bit of an experiment that I think kinda worked out ok. Starting on a few, more large-scale pieces using similar technique, which; fingers crossed, will turn out even better.

Obligatory kung-fu sheep.

Really into the idea of doing a panther-y cat head and dagger. Bit retro for me I know huh? But yeah, I dig it.

Also! There are a few new tracks up on the Danny Peanut Soundcloud page, including a remix of a song by a friend of mine Helen 'Hazlitt' White.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

To lessen the hideous torment of travelling from A to B, I like to draw. Especially on plane journeys. As bladed weapons are no longer permitted when travelling by air like they were in the good-ol'-days (pansies), a sharpened pencil, being at present an acceptable carry-on item; doubles up as a rather handy skewer for puncturing the throat of that kid behind me that keeps kicking my seat.

Next flight I take I think I'm going to take one of those giant wacky pencils and just carve it into a fucking halberd or something. STOW YOUR FUCKING TRAY-TABLE MORON! *slashystabbystabstab*

So, in the spirit of evisceration, here's some squiggles I done did.



Clowny Clown-Clown.

Traditional Swallow.

Pig-Bat-Crab guy with Mr Cloud-Eating Rodent.

Squirrel wearing happy stork, Abominable Sno-cone.

More bones.


Flying crab-claw Panda smiles, for you.

If you would like one of these or something similar as a tattoo, please get in touch. Is my thing, y'know.

Till next time!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Make stuff don't break stuff.

So I've not been too active recently in the blogosphere, but that's the thing, if I'm not on the internet blabbering about doing this and that, it's because I am actually off doing the aforementioned 'this' a probably a whole bunch of 'that' too. So apologies to the peeps that may have been a-swinging by to check what's been a-happening recently.

Here's some evidence so y'all can see I've not been slacking :D

Been working on my sculpting recently. Working on something at the moment that I'm hoping to take a mould of and make a run of resin or vinyl figures. So look out for updates on that. In the meantime have a gander at the monster heads I made.

Super Sculpy, baked, then painted with Montana paint.

Also been getting back into watercolour painting a lil' bit. Heres a peak at a piece I have done for the Evil From the Needle 25th anniversary shindig. I call it 'Lazer Leopard Blasts Through the Forcefield'.

Watercolour on paper, A3.

Sculpture, painting! All this as well as the usually drawing and tattooing? I know what you're thinking "Is this guy some kind of MACHINE?" and the answer is YES! I am. Well, part man, part machine. Underneath, I'm a hyper-alloy combat chassis, microprocessor-controlled. Fully armored; very tough. But outside, I'm living human tissue: flesh, skin, hair, blood.

No wait, that's not me. That's the Terminator.

Always getting those two mixed up.

Anyway. Here's some more pictures because...well just because.

Cthulu takes the bus. Thanks Massimiliano for sitting like a champ and having the rad idea in the first place.

Sketchbook page.

Also Danny Peanut has tracks featuring on a few compilations that are out now/soon. The collaborative track with Whitethroat - 'Langstrom's Lament', for Feral Fang Media's Batman Villain compilation and 'Raptor>Rapture' on Arrendersi Morte's 'Spontaneous Human Combustion Volume One'. Check out the DP Facebook page for more info HERE.


Friday, 3 June 2011

Sabretooth Queen

'Sabretooth Queen' by Danny Peanut is now available online from the Danny Peanut Bandcamp!

Includes the tracks 'Sabretooth Queen' and 'Gravity Wolf'.

Don't forget to follow DP on his new Soundcloud page and to be his fweind on Facebook.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Monkey Abuse

The EVIL T shirts have finally arrived! 8-colour screenprint on a cotton shirt softer than a pillow made of sandblasted babies ass-cheeks.

With the bonus of not actually having to deal with the mounting piles of mutilated, ass-less newborns. Or sand.

Go HERE to see about getting your filthy human meat fists on them!