Monday, 29 November 2010

Deutschland Uber Alles

This weekend, myself and Anthony Dickinson and Lain Freefall will be representing Evil From the Needle at this years Berlin Tattoo Convention. In Berlin. In Germany. Never been before, but have heard many great things about the city so am fairly excited to be going. I am preparing a few designs which I'll be up for doing at the convention, but of course if anyone is interested in getting tattooed please get in touch with your ideas.

Might even have some new t shirts available by then too....

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Greetings, stranger...


Welcome to my new blog and all that. This is where I will be doing my best to keep anyone that may be interested in my work, up to date with the various things what are born from me brain meats.

Ready yourself for horrible tales of horrifying, mysterious mystery and peel your eyes right back off your face in preparation for all manner of visual stuff.

Artists impression of the man suspected of cannibalising at least 3 workers at a miniature salmon farm in Kent. Eye witnesses to the atrocities have stated the man, 42, can fire corduroy lazers from his teeth and smells faintly of damp, processed cheese.