Monday, 10 January 2011

printy printy print prints.

This will be the first in a set of three A3 prints I will be making. Each print will be limited to a number of 20 and will be hand numbered and signed by yours truly (me). The one pictured here is titled 'Tex Encounters the Spectre of Death At the Edge Of Locust Woods'.

They'll be going for £20 each, or £50 for the set.

Just to make things a little more personal, I will, if you like, customise the prints at no extra charge! This customisation may, amongst other things, include me using glitter, markers, paint and various fluids squeezed from small mammals to decorate in whatever fashion I deem suitably AWESOME. 

I will be posting the other two prints in the series over the next day or so. 

Interested parties please get in touch via this blog or alternatively by sending an email to - fortressofassassins at live dot com.


Friday, 7 January 2011


This painting is a long overdue watercolour piece for a swap with Cardiff's finest, Ash Davies. I've had a fair few false starts on this one as I really don't think my painting skills are anywhere near on par with his. Sorry dude, I gave it my best shot.  Here's what you're getting...

Go check out some awesome tattooing and painting over at