Tuesday, 13 September 2011


New thing.

Every now and then I will be coming into tattoo on what is usually my day off - Friday. By appointment.

What I'll be doing specifically on these days is doing some super full-on bonkers freehand tattoos for the price of the shops minimum charge - 50 beans. Crazy right? But here's the catch - you don't really know what you're gonna get until the drawing part is done. It might be a space beaver! Or a dribbling hobo! Or a peanut on fire! Or even just a big wonky skull. EXCITING HUH!!!??!

I'll only be booking a couple of these a day, so we'll be able to take time with both the drawing and tattooing.

So, if you like the kind of thing that I do and would like to get yourself a tattoo worth £££'s for next to nothing then get in touch with the shop HERE to find out when the next Freehand Friday is being booked for.

Bye peeps!

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