Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Update of the not so up-to-date.

Hello everyone out there on the world wide web! Hopefully none of you have been wrapped up and eaten by the world wide SPIDER. Who is in charge of the web. Obviously.

Anyways, it's been a while (AGAIN), so I thought I'd do a lil update.

Here's a thing I made a while back that I really enjoyed doing. Cut paper collage. Bit of an experiment that I think kinda worked out ok. Starting on a few, more large-scale pieces using similar technique, which; fingers crossed, will turn out even better.

Obligatory kung-fu sheep.

Really into the idea of doing a panther-y cat head and dagger. Bit retro for me I know huh? But yeah, I dig it.

Also! There are a few new tracks up on the Danny Peanut Soundcloud page, including a remix of a song by a friend of mine Helen 'Hazlitt' White.

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